Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014!

This year has been the best year of my life so far. It started off with spending time with the people I love (even those people I just met), met new friends on the other side of the world (whom I will treasure for the rest of my life), and ended it by spending yet another memorable and beautiful time with my family.
So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank those people who have been part of my life this 2013 and I wish you all a happy and blessed 2014!

A xx

Christmas 2013

This year, my brother went home from school for the holidays! We took the opportunity to go out of town and spend Christmas at the beach!

We checked in on a resort where were the only family there! It was like renting out the whole resort! Haha!
The lighthouse was spectacular and the beach was breathtaking. Hoping to spend Christmas on a beach again next year!

A xx

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

East Coast to West Coast

Never in my wildest dreams that I'd be able to travel at such a young age of 20. It was last Christmas 2012 that my ever loving dad gave me the good news that he would send me to the United States for my On-the-job training. And so.. after a few months of running errands for my work and travel abroad, Summer 2013 came by so fast and I was caught off guard that my plane leaves in one week! My ticket is still not ready but the reservation is already there.

I was excited yet fearful that I'd be traveling alone and my friends were sent to a different state.
March 15, my plane landed in Detroit International Airport and that was it - I am alone in the greatest country in the world - a thousand miles away from my family - living the dream of traveling alone and having the adventure I never imagine I'll have this soon.

Florida. The state I was assigned to for work. This part of the states I experienced different cultures and met new friends in new places - the world has a lot to offer! Amusement parks such as Seaworld, Busch Gardens and Universal Orlando was breathtaking. We went there a lot of times. We visited many towns and went different bars, attended several parties and went on a road trip.

Florida is something I would rally like to visit again. But then, my trip did not end there. I flew from East Coast to West Coast. California to visit my relatives. I stayed there for three weeks and enjoyed every single day of it. My titos and I went to Los Angeles and celebrated 4th of July at Downtown LA. Played at Disney, Anaheim the next day and went to Hollywood Blvd before we drove back to Pittsburg. San Francisco is also something to love. Golden Gate bridge, Cable car and many more!

So there goes my Summer. I hope to visit them again soon and that I'd be able to travel the world with my daring self and experience different cultures. There is so much to see and know about the world, why waste a lifetime not experiencing as much as we could?

Photo: Union Square! 




Almon Sarei

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


If you remember I mentioned something about the list of things to do before or after I turn 18... and I am so glad to write this to you guys, I ACCOMPLISHED 2 on the list! :) I went on a roller coaster ride, and partied all night! and the most exciting thing is that I did those while here in the U.S.! haha! everything is just turning out perfectly... thank you Lord for giving me this opportunity!


Friday, May 31, 2013

Beach Day!

Today is our scheduled beach day! Yehey! Clearwater Beach is just super awesome... Boracay beach in Florida it is! Hihi So I won't take too long, here are our photos! :)
A photo of me with my "Twinie" - Mia. We call each other that only because,
guests in our work usually confuse us for twins.
Again, with my twinie ;)
Clearwater beach! (Fun fact: This beach is the third most beautiful beach in the U.S.!)
My moment. Haha. I wore this on the way to the beach.
Our bikini back pose. 
Our pre-bikini outfit. Gentleman style.

Close up shot with mah twinie!
Like a photo for a magazine cover ;)
So love her!
Oh Florida! Why you catching up with me?
The place, the tanned skin, the outfit and everything!
Oh and we got matching tanks! < 3

We've got so much more where that came from.... We took photos the WHOLE DAY. But I'm glad we did, haha it was fun! :)

Almon Sarei

Sunday, May 19, 2013

You Belong With Me

So today is our day off! Yay! After one week of staying under the sun and working our a** off, we finally got time to do things we want. Haha... We decided to do another photoshoot at our backyard and make a music video. Boy we did real good. SO I'm not making this any longer, here are the best photos we got and, of course, the music video :)

And our music video ;)

Hope you guys enjoy viewing this post!

Almon Sarei xx

Friday, May 3, 2013

FLORIDA so far...

Clock was ticking fast last March 14 in the Philippines. I was literally in cloud 9 thinking that I am going to Florida, U. S. A. I could not fathom the blessings the Lord allowed me to receive.
I got to the airport with my mom, dad, lola and uncle. It happened all so fast and blurry.
After my 4-hour flight going to Nagoya, Japan, I was with my friend Macky and while in the plane goign to Detroit, I met two Filipino students who will be on the same cultural exchange program in North Carolina.
Oh how I miss my family terribly and my friends. I tried my best to get along with my schoolmates who will be in Tampa FL with me. It turns out that Tourism students in my school are actually pretty cool. I am now in my 2nd month living with them, and it has been a blast. I met Inal and Sharms first on the airport going to Tampa, so as Monna and Jex. I also get to meet two Americans on the plane going to Tampa, since my flight was different from my schoolmates. I waited 4 long hours! But I got to Landmark safe by cab (cost me 50 bucks!) But it was all worth it. I was all alone but it felt great! Amanda (THS representative) was very accommodating.

After 4 days on our temporary housing (in which I met Danix and Pami), I transferred to apartment 1711 and met Jo, Jane, Jei and Danna.

The first few days of work was stressful because of the swim test and all, but it was all okay now and I am proud to say that I am perfectly adjusted with everything in here :) Oh and we get to go to Orlando three weeks ago! Seaworld and Aquatica was AWESOME! <3 div="">

I am looking forward for more for the next gimmicks!
Next stop: BEACH DAY on the 31st!

Here are photos! :) 

Monday, January 28, 2013

So I've been told

As the title suggests... I've been told by a very annoying yet funny uncle this evening at the local coffee shop in Ayala while with other titos and titas that I should make a blog post about the "highlights" of 2012. Not just my personal experience but also those remotely related to me and so it got me thinking...

Maybe I should! :) so here goes the highlight of 2012

In the past year 2012:

  • As usual, spent the New Year's with our relatives. Went to watch a movie in Resorts World and spent the whole weekend at my lola's house in Manila.Photo

  • Spent time with my friends in ATC for the first time in 2012.
  • Watched Hunger Games with my brother before he goes to PMA for good (March 24)
  • Spent time with my 2 high school best friends, Ara and Ems for the first time in 2012.
  • Johnny Rockets, ATC with the whole fam. (April 2)
  • My brother's departure at V. Luna (April 3)
  • Summer getaway with mom, dad and sis @ Laiya Coco Grove in Batangas (April 7)
  • My brother's first letter to us from his school :)
Photo: Aww.. A letter from my brother (in PMA)... Just when I almost forgot how it feels to have a brother around, there goes his letter reminding us how much we really miss him. *tears* We love and miss you aljosh. See you on the 26th of May! <3 :*

  • OJT in Gloriamaris, ATC. One of the most legit experience I had! (the whole summer)
  • First time in Baguio (May 25-27) Stayed @ Sunrise Hotel. First time seeing my brother after a month!
  • Palawan Tour! (September 2-4)
  • Baguio again for my brother's recognition day! (September 16-18) stayed @ Baguio Chalet.
  • Took a step up and hosted a mini event in our class. A mini power conference.
  • My 20th Birthday (November 24)
  • Baguio again for Christmas
  • Hop Night.
  • New Year! (still @ Baguio)